We can offer exciting and stimulating opportunities in a global and rapidly growing company operating in the forefront of cutting edge technology.
At Westermo we believe that staff have an important part to play in company development. We have a clear vision, and we place great emphasis on keeping staff informed and involved in achieving our goals. We also believe that employees grow with responsibility, making decisions in a decentralized, competent and dynamic organization.

Corporate culture

Before Westermo became part of the Beijer Electronics group, it was a family business for over 30 years, with its headquarters situated more than 30 kilometres from the nearest urban area. This is something that has shaped our corporate culture in a positive way. Our history contributes to a relaxed and friendly working environment that is based on drive, commitment and trust. At Westermo one is expected to take the initiative, creating an effective organization with great opportunities.

Personal development

We place great emphasis on personal development and how to contribute to company development. We often work in project groups where there are many opportunities to participate in a variety of issues and areas of development. Our management philosophy is to coach our employees and we value initiative and ambition. You create your career and prepare a development plan with support from your manager. Performance reviews are conducted at least once a year.

Your opportunities

Westermo is a Swedish company with world-class research and development, manufacturing  and international sales companies serving our customers worldwide. Westermo has been a part of the Beijer Electronics Group since 2008. Our product development and manufacturing units are based in Sweden and work closely together, which offer significant opportunities to develop in many different areas of expertise, depending on skills and interests. At Westermo, we want the best in fields such as electrical engineering, hardware development, software development, electronics manufacturing, purchasing, sales and logistics.

We have subsidiaries in several places around the world and many global clients, which mean that most employees have international contacts, regardless of the role you have in the company. The personal contact with customers is important, therefore, many of our employees travel in their work. For those who wish, there are also opportunities to work in any of our subsidiaries in short-term or longer projects or develop further in the global Beijer Electronics group.

Or motto is: Drive, Commitment and Trust!

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