Major UK rail events provide perfect platform to promote resilient and secure networking technology

Continuing its support for digitisation in the rail industry, Westermo will be participating at two major forthcoming events in the UK, promoting its resilient networking technology for both on-board and trackside applications. In September Westermo will attend the Rail Infrastructure Networking event in York, whilst in October the company will be exhibiting at the RVE 2017 show in Derby.

Rail Infrastructure Networking events are held quarterly across the country, bringing railway infrastructure companies together to make new contacts and reinforce existing relationships. The half-day event gives Westermo the opportunity to discuss the need for resilient and secure trackside data communication networks, and to keep up to date with the latest industry news and innovations from a wide range of businesses.

RVE (Rail Vehicles and Enhancements) 2017 is the UK’s only single-theme event aimed at the engineering of rail vehicles for refurbishment, maintenance and enhancements. The show attracts international exhibitors at the cutting edge of technology from throughout the rail industry. Westermo will demonstrate its innovative and robust data communication network solutions for both trackside and on-board rolling stock applications. Westermo rail experts will be available to provide visitors with advice on the design, implementation and operation of resilient networks that are easy to configure, manage and control.

In addition, Phil Mounter, Westermo Infrastructure Sales Manager, will present a paper entitled ‘Building resilient, reliable and secure train networks’ at the parallel conference. The presentation will explain how robust Ethernet switches are being used to support IP-based data communication networks for train control management systems, passenger information systems and infotainment systems on trains. The paper will also suggest that the real challenge is building resilient, reliable and secure networks that are easy to configure, even by non-IT professionals.

“The dynamic RVE event provides the perfect platform for Westermo to demonstrate its data communication networking technology to influential stakeholders from across the rail industry,” said Phil Mounter. “This includes our unique IP-train solution, which provides a resilient network infrastructure to support high-bandwidth on-board applications such as CCTV and multimedia displays, and our comprehensive range of robust Ethernet devices, which are designed to meet the specific tough challenges of rail applications.”

The Rail Infrastructure Networking event takes place on 7th September at the Network Rail Training Centre. For more details, visit RVE 2017 will be held on the 5th October at the Veledrome. Visit for more information.

Westermo to demonstrate data networking technology at CIRED 2017

Westermo is to demonstrate at CIRED 2017 how it can help electricity distribution companies to install secure, resilient and reliable data networks. With many distributors looking to implement secure Ethernet IP-based communication networks capable of supporting their electricity networks into the future, Westermo industrial networking technology, designed for mission critical and demanding applications, is meeting this challenge.

“Many electricity distribution companies are currently performing significant upgrades to their data communication networks to support a range of enhanced customer services,” explained Arthur Heckels, Sales Director at Westermo. “CIRED offers Westermo the opportunity to demonstrate to the industry how its technology has been deployed by many companies to provide them with greater network security, resilience and reliability.”

CIRED is a biennial international electricity distribution conference and exhibition, which takes place in Glasgow on 12th-15th June 2017, at the Scottish Event Campus. The event provides the opportunity for 1500 electricity distribution delegates to discuss aspects such as cost reduction, environment, regulation, organisation and related IT systems.

Westermo will demonstrate how its Wolverine Ethernet Line Extenders enable existing cable infrastructure to be used to create secure Ethernet IP-based networks. These are being installed by electricity distribution network operators such as Electricity North West to control substations and improve the quality of supply to customers.

Westermo will also show how its range of Ethernet routers, designed for use in demanding applications such as substation automation, can offer resilient and reliable remote access to sites and equipment using ADSL or VDSL broadband and wireless 3G or GPRS. With leased lines no longer available, these devices provide a simple communications upgrade path to ensure legacy remote equipment can be accessed when required.

Westermo experts will be available on booth F07 throughout the event to discuss how the company’s networking technology can help support data communication network upgrades. To register for the event, go to

Westermo to demonstrate resilient train networking technology at Rail Live 2017

Westermo is to demonstrate its range of certified and proven rail networking devices at the Rail Live 2017 conference and exhibition in Long Marston, Warwickshire. This technology is being used around the world to create the data communication backbone to support applications such as Train Control Management Systems (TCMS), Passenger Information Systems (PIS) and Infotainment Systems on trains.

“Digitalisation will play a key role in helping meet rail industry capacity demands and supporting improved passenger experience, which makes resilient, reliable and secure networks essential,” said Phil Mounter, Infrastructure Sales Manager at Westermo. “Westermo Ethernet switches are certified and proven to withstand the tough environments of trackside and onboard applications over an extended lifecycle.”

Westermo will show its very compact Viper series of Ethernet train switches that provide up to 20 ports with or without PoE, and up to 5 gigabit ports. The versatility of the Viper series and their ability to process high amounts of data traffic solves the growing need for network capacity. Westermo Redfox and Lynx Ethernet switches will also be available. These devices are tested to the EN 50121-4 Electromagnetic compatibility standard for emission and immunity of the signalling and telecommunications apparatus on railway applications. They also operate in extreme temperature ranges from -40 to +70°C and are built into robust compact housings, making them ideal for panel mounting. Westermo will also show its Wolverine Ethernet Line Extenders that allow the creation of Ethernet networks on old installed copper cables that can stretch for tens of kilometres along the trackside.

“Westermo devices are ideally suited to create reliable solutions for applications such as Wi-Fi access points, observation and surveillance cameras, multimedia displays, network video recorders, online timetable information, diagnostic data and much more,” said Phil Mounter. “Westermo technology has been specifically designed and certified to meet the requirements of both trackside and onboard rail applications and over 100,000 products have already been installed within 60 train fleets globally.”

Rail Live, which takes place on June 21-22, is one of the largest outdoor rail exhibitions in Europe, offering Westermo the opportunity to showcase its data networking technology in a real rail setting. Westermo UK’s dedicated rail team will be available throughout the event to provide advice on designing and implementing resilient, reliable and secure networks. You can find Westermo in Location A. To register for the event, go to

WeOS 4.21.0 is released

Westermo is happy to announce the release of WeOS 4.21.0. The new version contains new features that add on to the already extensive set of features in WeOS as well as support for new hardware products. New hardware products are announced separately. As a part of the continuous quality improvement process Westermo has identified and corrected a number of issues.

New features

WeOS has in version 4.21.0 been extended with the following new features. See the Release Notes (available at the download page) for detailed information about corrected errors.

  • Centralised user authentication with TACACS+ server – can be used for login and SSL-VPN
  • Chained authentication – allows more flexibility when using a combination of centralised and local authentication
  • Unique web server certificate – every switch automatically generates a unique web server certificate (used for https) at start-up

How to get the new version

WeOS units manufactured after the release of WeOS 4.21.0 will have the latest version installed.

The new version of the WeOS firmware is also available for download from the Westermo website. Version 4.21.0 is verified to support all active WeOS products, i.e. products presented on the website at the time of release.

Read more about WeOS and download the new version here

Westermo to sponsor the 2017 Digital Rail Summit

Westermo is to sponsor the 2017 Digital Rail Summit organised by Rail Media, publisher of Rail Engineer magazine. The event takes place in London on 26th April and aims to address the issue of digitalisation within the rail industry, and to help bring the UK to the forefront of digital development.

The summit will focus on both the 'visible' and the 'invisible' digital railway. Experts in their fields will explain where the industry is at this point, what future developments are planned, when digitalisation will be implemented and how it will affect everyone involved in the railway, from train operators and infrastructure owners to passengers and contractors. Rail industry experts will look at smart ticketing, 5G on trains, improved information systems, the Internet of Things and cyber security.

“The demand on the UK rail network is expected to rise dramatically over the next decade and to address the inevitable capacity constraints the railway must digitalise,” explained Phil Mounter, Westermo Infrastructure Sales Manager. “Digitalisation is also critical for enhancing passenger experience both on the platform and on-board, which is why, as a leading provider of data communications technology for on-board and trackside applications, Westermo is delighted to support the event. We hope it will provide ideas that can be used to help shape the future of the UK rail industry.”

For more information go to:

Westermo’s cost saving secure network technology helps Electricity North West improve the quality of supply to its customers

Wolverine Ethernet Line Extenders enable existing cable infrastructure to be used to create a secure Ethernet IP-based network used for controlling electricity substations in the north west of the UK

Electricity North West has upgraded its data communications network to an Ethernet IP-based solution to help improve the service provided by its electricity distribution network. The modernised, `non-operations’ network provides increased reliability and bandwidth helping the company to better monitor and control the supply of electricity to 2.4 million properties in the UK. Critical to the project was the use of Westermo’s Ethernet line extenders, which enable the existing ageing copper cabling infrastructure to be used, thereby ensuring the project was economically viable.

Read the full story

Download story as PDF

Westermo joins forces with Southampton Solent University to help address digital skills shortage in industrial sector

Westermo and Southampton Solent University have teamed up to help address the digital skills shortage affecting the UK industrial and manufacturing sector by introducing students to data communications technology that will be used to support the widespread applications of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Westermo has provided the university’s computer networking department with a range of data communications technology, enabling students to broaden the scope of their studies by focusing on the design and implementation of industrial networks. Equipment that is used to create resilient, reliable and secure networks in harsh industrial environments will help undergraduates learn how the latest IIoT technology is being deployed in railway, offshore oil and gas, and utility applications.

“There is currently a skills and digital expertise shortage within the UK industrial and manufacturing sector,” said Alan Bollard, Managing Director of Westermo Data Communications. “The increased connectivity and data delivery made possible by the IIoT is a game-changer across many industries in terms of operational improvements, but it places greater demands on industrial networking infrastructure. By introducing students to networking technology specific to industrial applications, we hope to highlight some exciting new career options and steer talented young people towards the industrial sector.”

Westermo specialises in the design and manufacture of industrial networking equipment for use in demanding environments. It has supplied the university with networking equipment including industrial Ethernet extenders and managed Ethernet switches with routing functionality. The equipment enables students from within the university’s computer networking courses to develop solutions for typical industrial networking-related problems based on real-life installations provided by Westermo.

“The equipment donated by Westermo enables a complete industrial networking scenario to be configured within a dedicated computer networking laboratory at the university,” said Neville Palmer, Senior Lecturer in Communications Engineering at Southampton Solent University. “The partnership with Westermo will play an important role in diversifying the education and possible career paths of our students. Previously, our focus has been mainly on data communications technology within office environments, but the experience gained with Westermo’s industrial technology will ensure that graduates are better equipped to handle roles within industrial environments.”

Antony Lane is one of the university’s Computer Network Management graduates who is already working in the industrial data communications field, as a Technical Support Engineer at Westermo. “The idea behind the lab exercises is to assist the students in thinking as industrial network engineers rather than as commercial network engineers,” Antony said. “With their ‘industrial hat’ on, they need to think about why products need to last for extended periods of time without failure and why they are manufactured differently. The students are in the process of completing a test to become Westermo certified engineers. This knowledge and qualification can assist their employability prospects over the coming months – something that has been underlying this project from the beginning.”

Westermo helps select water innovation awards winners

In its role as a sponsor of the Institute of Water, Westermo has helped select winners at the annual Welsh Area Innovation Awards, held in the Great Hall at Swansea University. The awards, now in their 11th year, recognise the companies, people, projects and technologies that help deliver a sustainable service, allowing the water industry to meet its long-term customer challenges.

The theme of this year’s awards was ‘Tomorrow’s World’. For the first time Westermo was invited to be part of the official judging panel, overseeing the categories of ‘Engineering Solutions’ and ‘Technological Advances’. More than 50 entries across five categories were assessed, with the winners coming from various teams within Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water and its Capital Delivery Alliance.

“Population growth and climate change are increasing the pressure on the water industry to tackle challenges such as water scarcity and environmental quality,” said Neil Yates, Area Sales Manager at Westermo UK. “It is therefore critical for the industry to develop innovative technologies and solutions to help ensure continued customer service improvement. As a manufacturer of resilient data communication technology, which very much supports these aims, Westermo was delighted to be involved in these awards recognising the latest advancements.”

The Welsh Area Awards were open to individuals, teams and organisations working in the water industry within the region. The awards dinner, which took place on the 31st January 2017, was attended by more than 200 delegates.

Westermo to exhibit resilient data networking for reliable plant monitoring and control at Utility Week Live

Westermo will be attending Utility Week Live 2017, where it will demonstrate its latest industrial data communications technology that helps support the industry’s need for greater network resilience, reliability and security. Enhanced communications networks are required to enable utility companies to improve service levels to their customers. Westermo’s robust solutions support the move to Ethernet IP-based backbones that provide secure plant monitoring and control, even in extremely challenging environments.

“IP-based networks provide utility operations with the greater bandwidth and resilience needed to ensure continued high quality service to their customers,” said Alan Bollard, Managing Director of Westermo Data Communications. “Utility Week Live provides the perfect opportunity for Westermo to promote its reliable and secure industrial data communications technology that can support the efficient and cost-effective implementation of such networks.”

Utility Week Live takes place at the NEC in Birmingham on 23-24 May and will feature more than 150 exhibitors, live demonstration zones and a broad range of seminars. The event provides an ideal opportunity for companies serving the UK water and energy markets to showcase their products, technologies and innovations to visitors, including strategic, operational and engineering decision-makers within the gas, electricity and water sectors.

One prohibitive factor in the migration to an IP-based solution is cost. The cost of installing new cabling to support IP-based networks can far exceed the cost of the actual networking devices.  Westermo will demonstrate how its Wolverine Ethernet line extenders can enable existing copper cables to be used in such upgrades. This gives plants more efficient and easy to manage systems, and enables them to make considerable cost savings, as in the past their only option would have been to install more expensive fibre cabling.

In addition, Westermo UK experts will be available to provide advice on assessing and improving network security. They will also be able to explain to visitors how the latest version of the WeOS operating system now supports horseshoe network topology, and to highlight the latest functionality of the WeConfig configuration tool, which simplifies network installation and maintenance.

You will find Westermo at Stand B34. Go to to register for the event.

Westermo is looking for more people to join the company

We can offer exciting and stimulating opportunities in a global and rapidly growing company operating in the forefront of cutting edge technology.

At Westermo we believe that staff has an important part to play in company development. We have a clear vision, and we place great emphasis on keeping staff informed and involved in achieving our goals. We also believe that employees grow with responsibility, making decisions in a decentralized, competent and dynamic organization.

We currently have 8 vacancies at headquarters in Sweden.

Click here to find out more and apply.

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